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Laser cutting equipment shell

Laser cutting equipment shell


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  • Laser cutting equipment shell

    Control system British Trio 25mm stamping speed (cpm) 400 (4mm stroke)
    Max. stamping stroke(mm) 37 5mm stamping speed (cpm) 500 (4mm stroke)
    Positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.05 Maximum punching diameter (mm) 88.9
    Punching accuracy(mm) ±0.1 Number of workstations 30
    Repeatability (mm) ±0.03 Turret speed (rpm) 40
    X-axis travel(mm) 2500 Rotation speed (rpm) 40
    Y-axis travel(mm) 1250/1500/2000 Turret thickness(mm) 95
    One-time positioning of processed plate size (mm) 2500*1250/1500/2000 Number of rotation stations 0
    Maximum plate thickness (mm) 3.2 Clamp 3 3
    Maximum workpiece weight (kg) 150 The number of axes can be controlled 5
    Maximum X-axis movement speed (m/min) 100 Stamping transmission method Servo-direct
    Maximum Y-axis moving speed (m/min) 80 Power supply is required 3相380V 50HZ 46KVA
    X-axis feeding system Gears, wire strips, reducers Rack structure O-rack
    Y-axis feeding system Ball screw filamentous guides Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 6440*5200*2200
    Maximum punching frequency (cpm) 700 Machine weight (tons) 18

    The external protection of the machine tool is used to protect the outside of the machine tool. When workers pass by the machine tool, the high-speed operation of the machine tool inevitably brings in a lot of dust and debris. With the protection of the external protective cover of the machine tool, the machine tool will be very clean, which increases its service life. The internal protection of the machine tool is used to protect all vulnerable parts inside the machine tool, to prevent injury to the operating staff during operation. Users can provide modern products that are beautiful, elegant, and of high taste.

    • Laser cutting equipment shell


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